Good design lives in the real world.

Bantam works with businesses and organizations of all sizes on what matters most: honoring who they are, and reaching who they serve. We value beauty and practicality in equal measure, and bring a direct, intelligent approach to every interaction. Our clients partner with us because we keep the process simple, understand their industries, and respect their time. And we partner with them because it's what we love to do.


Logo + Identity

We should all aspire to be a great logo: balanced, at ease, clear about who we are and what we stand for; relevant to the moment, but not defined by it. For larger organizations, a solid brand creates unity, focus, and recognition. While the same is true for smaller businesses, exposure is more limited, and a well-designed mark takes on heightened personal significance. It is a daily reminder to keep fighting the good fight; a visual cue that process drives outcome. Regardless of organizational scope, a logo is an investment that goes beyond profitability, and into the nature of character. And that’s why we love this work - because it matters.

Print + Package


It’s a tactile world out there, and design, materials and execution are key. The best way to sum it up would be this: if it can be printed, Bantam can design it, source it, manage it, and deliver it.

  • Brochures, calendars, direct mail and more
  • Packaging design and fulfillment
  • Retail point-of-sale materials
  • Apparel, promos and special projects

Signage + Display


Large format means big possibilities. And let’s be honest - a big budget certainly helps. However, even on more limited budgets, so much can be accomplished to distinguish your organization and location. We offer:

  • Custom trade displays for rental or purchase
  • Modular exhibits with unique components
  • Interior/exterior design consulting and custom signage
  • Vehicle wraps and graphics


In a world that increasingly revolves around the viewing and sharing of images, well-crafted photography instantly projects professionalism, cultivates intention and conveys emotion. We specialize in food, product and architectural photography, working in a collaborative, hands-on fashion with a network of talented photographers. When custom photography isn’t feasible, we use our detailed eye and rapid-fire click to source compelling stock. Either way, Bantam values the power of the image. And we’re here to put it to work for you.



Bantam offers simple, streamlined solutions for websites. Our love of beautiful photography, a clearly delineated structure, and an engaging narrative drives our approach. We partner with skilled developers on a variety of features and customizations, and find our services are particularly well-suited for small to moderately-sized organizations who value branding consistency, functional elegance, and high-quality content.



While it’s true that attention spans are limited, it’s also true that your most discerning and influential customers crave communication that is smart, funny and effortlessly on-point. Bantam gives you the best of both worlds: design that inspires, and words that matter.

  • Video scripts
  • Proposals, reports and brochures
  • Website content
  • Advertising campaigns

Hi, I'm Jessica Raley. And I am Bantam.

I've been working as an art/creative director, designer and copywriter for the past 17 years, nine of which I've been running Bantam. Being a business owner has only strengthened my belief that successful client relationships are built on connection and rapport; there is either an ease of communication and understanding, or there is not.

I'm proud to work with a core group of carefully-selected developers, illustrators, and photographers, and I'm also proud that 90% of what I do is crafted with my own hands, and comes from my own mind.

So, when we talk strategy, design and pricing, rest assured there is no disconnect between concept and execution; between a great idea and how much it will cost. I do my own work, and stand behind it, from start to finish.

And I'd love to talk with you about your next project.  



Jessica Raley, Owner
Leavenworth, WA

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